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Our Origins

Kyro started Eight Moons Publishing in 2020 with her best friend and co-writer, Laya. Their shared passion for quality books, passionate romances, and jaw-dropping worlds laid the foundation for everything they did. They started with their own series, The Fires of Qaf, which found wide success on Kickstarter. With the wind in their sails, the press was born.

While they've since parted ways, Kyro has kept the press alive and is determined to help new authors find their place in an increasingly competitive market. With fair rates, policies that protect, and a passion for helping authors succeed, Kyro is determined that every author who passes through her press feels satisfied with their place at Eight Moons Publishing.

Thank you so much for shopping directly from authors and small presses. You're why we write. We--I--couldn't do this without you.

The Team

JC Youngstrom

JC (center) is Kyro's virtual assistant, the working publicist for Eight Moons, and a proud author advocate. She's helped oversee the launch of 8 books and counting, runs Janelle's Sherpa Services, and co-founded the Author Co-Op. She's the driving force behind the press and delightfully positive no matter what comes her way.

Laya V. Smith

Laya V. Smith (left) is co-author of The Fires of Qaf and the other original founder of Eight Moons Publishing. While she has since left the press, it was her idea to start a series surrounding the complex world of djinn based on myths and folklore from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Kyro suggested they co-write a romance, and they jumped in, spending the next year feverishly writing 15 books. Laya's brilliant wit and complex characters are part of the reason The Fires of Qaf series have captured the hearts of avid romantacy readers.

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