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Reviews From Happy Readers

Whether in Ard or in Qaf, these deliciously vivid and lovable characters in this high-stakes plot will have you turning pages until the AM!

Brianna Packer

“The Baron’s Ghost” is the first steampunk novel I’ve ever read, and I loved it! The book’s gritty heroine, Christie, brings more to the narrative than just being a sort of female Indiana Jones. A “rogue royal,” she’s got a cat’s nine lives, fierce feminine wiles, and a glove fetish. The action is visceral and fast-paced, and the “love story” elements are dagger-clenched-in-teeth, pirate-style, with plenty of tense, emotional see-sawing that keeps you guessing—and impels you to keep turning the pages. Highly recommended!

J. Neff

The Covenant of Shihala will hold your interest and keep you guessing from the first opening scene to the very last page. Kyro Dean and Laya V Smith’s imagery bring the world of Qaf to life, and as a reader I felt like I was right there with the characters in the story. I can’t wait for book two!

Tifany Clark / Author of haven Waiting

The Baron's Ghost is an intriguing historical spy mystery novel. The main character is a female spy, and she is anything but boring. I really liked her character, very gutsy and colorful personality. While on the job, she comes across some information that relates to her personal life, resulting in her becoming more involved for personal reasons too, which makes the story interesting. I enjoyed the relationships she has/ builds with the other characters and the intrigues that arise - highly recommended if you enjoy strong female characters and spy mystery novels!

Happy GlobeTrotter

A masterfully told, beautifully written, dreamlike world to submerge your senses. The Fires of Qaf is a stunning new fantasy series!

Jennifer deBie / Rose Amber Reviews


The first ingredient is a bit of swoon-worthy action! The steam can range from clean and in the background to spicey and running the show. But know that while our romantic plots range from slow-burn smoulder to in-your-face drama, they are always clean.


What's an escape from the pressure of every day life without a dash of wonder? From epic adventures to dark contemporary to steampunk, we love exploring bold worlds, magical characters, and everything grand!


With so many genre cross-overs, it's no wonder these two wanted their own name. Romantasy tends to lead with fantasy and use romance as the delicious boost that keeps us turning pages. Rest assured this fantastic combination has been around since The Odyssey. With more modern classics like The Immortals by Tamora Pierce and Sarah J. Maas' Court of Thorns and Roses, romantacy is the perfect genre for your next escape and something we work tirelessly to make just right.

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