The Covenant of Shihala Book cover

The Covenant of Shihala

Bihaqi alsama’,” Jahmil cursed. “Must you always speak in riddles?”

“I want to tell you a story, amir.”

“I do not want to hear your story. I want you to answer my question.”

“It’s a story of two princes fighting to save their kingdoms at any cost, and a lost little girl who is the only one that could help them.”


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Eve of Fyre
A hot romance that could literally burn them both.

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The Covenant of Shihala

When an embittered djinn king enslaves a human sorceress to drain all the magic from his enemy’s kingdom, the only way the prince can save his people is to rescue the sorceress from the horrible destiny that has been carved into her bone.

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The Seal of Sulayman

When a charismatic general is saved from death by a cruel demon, he returns home to find his feelings for his old flame still burn hot, but that the demon’s feelings for him might burn hotter.

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The Haunting of the Immortal Killer

Strange things happen when you make friends with Evil.

Princess Serap is the only frail human seeking courtship in Qaf, a magical world full of long-lived djinn. Frustrated by failed romances with courtiers who are eager to usurp her title, Serap enlists a witch to help her find the key to immortal life. The witch tells her of a monstrous human, The Immortal Killer, who has the unique power to end immortal life in hopes he may know how to obtain it. Racing to leave the palace before her parents can stop her, Serap soon finds herself abandoned on earth in a strange place full of ghouls and ghosts.

When Serap arrives at the killer’s house, he chases her down and locks her in his dungeon in a  house filled with strange magical artifacts, whispering spirits and more books than she has ever seen. Determined to free herself, Serap makes friends with an enigmatic and paranormal apparition called Evil who gives her a set of magical and other-worldly tasks to solve. She must navigate staying alive while she searches for the secret to immortality and how to free herself from her terrifying, yet strangely befuddled captor.

A parade of haunted house guests and a mansion full of secrets turn Serap’s plans on their head. To survive, she’ll have to discover who is telling her secrets in the ghastly dark and  accept that The Immortal Killer may be the only one who can help her.

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The Angel of Ashkult

When Yousef, a good-natured, human merchant returns to his home town in search of a wife, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with revenge-driven djinn ex-convict, Khalida, but now that he has, he will do anything to keep her.




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