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Why Promote the Fires of Qaf?

Besides the fact that our books are amazing.
  • Diverse
    • Set in the mid 1500s during the height of the Ottoman Empire, the series pulls from Arabian and Islamic mythology, particularly legends of djinn, which derive from varied traditions across the Islamic world, including Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and European cultures.
  • Sensitive
    • Eight Moons works hard to ensure we are respectful of all cultures and religions in our fictional depictions of both earth and Qaf. We have a team of sensitivity readers who help make sure we are inclusive of all readers.
  • Co-Written
    • The series is co-written by two authors with extremely different backgrounds.
  • One of Many
    • There are already 16 books written for the series and a dozen more in the works! So go ahead and commit yourself, knowing there is plenty more to come!
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