The Seal of Sulayman

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When a charismatic general is saved from death by a cruel demon, he returns home to find his feelings for his old flame still burn hot, but that the demon’s feelings for him might burn hotter.


A half-human living in the world of djinn, General Bakr has always felt like an outsider. After two grueling years at war, Bakr is anxious to return to Earth and bask in the sunlight among his own kind. When he is reunited with his first love, Sheikah Sezan of Shihala, he realizes he still has feelings for her. But Bakr returned from the war with more than scars. A demon has made him her pet and the last thing she wants is to see him rekindle his old flame.

Sheikah Sezan, disenamored by her former love’s abrupt departure and equally sudden return, is forced to come to terms with the terrible deal she made with a demon to keep him alive while at war. The demon, having kept up her side of the bargain, comes for Sezan’s magic djinn fire as payment, but soon makes it clear she had no intention of giving up Bakr. Determined to save herself and Bakr from torment, Sezan sets out to find the Seal of Sulayman, a magical talisman that controls all magic.

The demon torments Bakr and Sezan, weaving a web of deception to keep them apart. With rival courtiers, monsters, a clever sphinx, and both of Allah’s worlds working against them, only trust can rescue Bakr and Sezan from the demon’s caprice. But communicating enough to trust each other is a difficult task when words ruin everything.


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1 Review for The Seal of Sulayman

  1. 5 out of 5

    J C Youngstrom

    Whenever I get a minute, which isn’t often, I am so excited to get into this novel. It’s so fun and the tension between Bakr & Sezan is palpable. I love them individually and together. This is my second read through. These two are legitimately my favorite authors.

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