The Covenant of Shihala

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When an embittered djinn king enslaves a human sorceress to drain all the magic from his enemy’s kingdom, the only way the prince can save his people is to rescue the sorceress from the horrible destiny that has been carved into her bone.

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Eight Moons’ debut romantic fantasy novel with authors Kyro Dean and Laya V. Smith.




2 reviews for The Covenant of Shihala

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tifani Clark

    The Covenant of Shihala will hold your interest and keep you guessing from the first opening scene to the very last page. Kyro Dean and Laya V Smith’s imagery bring the world of Qaf to life, and as a reader I felt like I was right there with the characters in the story. I can’t wait for book two!
    –Author Tifani Clark

  2. 5 out of 5

    Brianna Packer

    Whether in Ard or in Qaf, these deliciously vivid and lovable characters in this high-stakes plot will have you turning pages until the AM!

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The Heroes

Jahmil, the displaced prince of Shihala, has given up on music and love. To save his people, he's betrothed himself to the cruel Queen Qadira of Ahmar and resigned himself to a fate worse than death.


Ayelet, a traveling musician, was gifted with a mystical lyre as a young child and has been fleeing the evil that followed ever since. When the faceless man finds her, she must choose to flee and save herself like she has always done, or face torment for the one she loves.

Ayelet Covenant of Shihala

The Location

15th-century Turkey on Earth, or Ard as the djinn call it, is where a large portion of this story takes place. More specifically Edirne, the place where the East met the West. Muslim culture is predominant, traveling caravans fill the roads that branch out from the heart of the city, and superstition abounds.

Covenant of Shihala location picture
Covenant of Shihala, ancient Turkey

Qaf, or a sunless land whose skies crawl with eight moons, is where the other part of the story takes place. Shihala, the home of blue-skinned Jahmil, is at war with Vespar, the home of white-skinned bloodthirsty savages. The world is full of magic, flying snakes, gem-covered turtles, binding covenants, and Allah's most mischievous creatures: djinn.

Covenant of Shihala location image