Eight siblings. One fight to the death. There can only be one queen.

The first installment in the Furious Queens sub-series within the Fires of Qaf.




With the call of the Allaedam, a sanctioned melee to determine the ascendency to the Ahamaran throne, thirteen-year-old Princess Qadira is forced into a life or death battle  but when she is accused by the one she loves most of terrible atrocities, she must decide if she should become what her fellow djinn perceive her to be or fight for what remains of her soul.


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Main Character

Queen Qadira - This story toggles between present-day Qadira and her childhood self at thirteen years old when the Allaedam was called.

The Location

Qaf, or a sunless land whose skies crawl with eight moons, is where the other part of the story takes place. Ahmar is the richest of the nine kingdoms of Qaf and is ruled by the fierce and bedazzled Queen Qadira, whom this story is about.

The world is full of magic, flying snakes, gem-covered turtles, binding covenants, and Allah's most mischievous creatures: djinn.

Covenant of Shihala location image