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tset aldahayle - 6-tailed fox

mail delivlery fox from Qaf in Eight Moons Publishing djinn series by Laya V. Smith and Kyro Dean

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Our Tset Aldahayle Foxes Are at the Ready

Eight Moons Publishing is proud of the world we create and every epic romantic fantasy novel we produce.

But a world only matters when people are a part of it! And books only have an impact if people read them!

We love to hear from fans and critics alike and look forward to getting to know and answering whatever questions you have.

So, please, reach out to us whenever you can. Our tset aldhayle will deliver your messages as soon as possible! And remember to sign up for our newsletters for all the latest news about Qaf and upcoming releases!

tset aldahayle - 6-tailed fox


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